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About Us

Merry's Bath Boutique DBA Merry's Boutique makes all handmade bath products along with wax tarts and soon to be acrylic paintings

When I first started my journey to learn all that I could about soap making I first educated myself by going up and down the soap isle reading and noting all the different ingredients & learned what each contribute, I was shocked! What? Beauty bars not even soap? Hmm packaging that tricks us into thinking we are buying soap? Ingredients that are also used to degrease oil from garage floors?! No way!


So I took classes, read books and researched everything including bath products! I'm now armed with knowledge.


I only use the finest oils & butters that I know are nourishing to your skin in my handmade natural soaps, and my glycerin soaps are detergent free so they won't strip your skin. I make each bar with the extra benefits of cocoa, mango & shea butters & some with goat or buttermilk for even more nourishing vitamins that are so wonderful for your skin! 


Other than the soaps I do not keep a lot of stock to ensure you are buying the freshest products so please allow 2 week lead time.


I make wedding, baby showers and party favors!


I take pride in everything I make! Once you've tried one of these lathery treasures, you'll never again be satisfied with 'store-bought' bars. So do yourself a big favor and start using REAL soap! You will feel the amazing difference natural soap will do for your skin! I promise! We care what goes into our bodies so we must also care what goes on our bodies! Before you buy store bought products, take a look at the ingredients, not only at soap, but anything you wash or soak in.

Items you see are for reference only as no handmade products are exactly alike!

Thank you for stopping by!